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Web development

‘’I offer custom software development services for all business purposes. Describe me your needs and I will turn it into a successful solution that will meet your business requirements.’’

eCommerce Platform

“I’ll design and develop ecommerce platforms or online stores for customers and companies of all sizes. I merge elegance with modern and clean design with functionality.”

Social media

‘’Social presence is best managed by a professional social media manager who knows how to create the proper content and “translate” the business needs into proper posts, reels or stories that appeal to any existing or potential customer.’’

Digital marketing

“Are You Struggling increasing Sales through Facebook Ads for your E-commerce? You are in the right place! I’m a Facebook Advertising Expert with 7+ years of experience in Pay Per Click Advertising & E-Commerce. How will I help you to scale your business with facebook advertising? Check on my profile.’’

Graphic design

‘’If you are looking for a modern and professional business logo design, then you are at the right place. I focus on creating simple yet effective designs that elevate your business outlook and leave an everlasting impression.

Business cards

“Even though it seems that we are moving more and more into the digital realm, we all know that a printed business card, being it with a QR code in it, or with every kind of detail necessary is still the right tool to say a lot, with so little. We are able to provide design for professional business cards for any needs in less than 12 hours.’’

Merchandise print

“If you are planning a staff retreat or just planning a birthday, or you are welcoming a new employee in the company, personalized t-shirts or other items will get you the “spice” you need to make it a memorable day. We will provide the t-shirt design, print it and ship it to your location.”

Printed matter

“We will design, print and ship all kinds of promotional material.’’

Vehicle branding

‘’If you own a small business or moving toward delivery managed by your own fleet, why not use your vehicles as your top-marketing tool. We will brand your vehicle as per your needs and desires & will provide advice on what looks best.’’

Interior design

‘’The spaces we live in are a reflection of ourselves & impact us in a unique way. If you’re needing a bit of direction transforming your space into something that really speaks to you, look no further.’’

Cameraman & video editing

‘’Why settle only for some pictures or designs when you can have a video speak more than a 1000 words. You can hire an experienced cameraman for your company’s promotional video or event and get an edited professional video of the activity ready to use for any purpose.’’

Hire a photographer

“Nowadays we are all looking for better angles and better light to enhance the features of the product that we aim to promote and sell. Now you can hire an experienced photographer who will provide professional photoshoots of your products, portraits, weddings or any other events..”

Audio production

‘’If you have some application that you are developing, games or you might need some music incorporated into a promotional video, you might need the services of a specialist in sound effects who will provide the final product as per the pleasure of your ears.’’

Startup mentoring

‘’If you have a business idea that you want to materialize into a company you might need some help from someone who has already been there. If you are thinking about giving up as you do not have any money to invest, don’t just yet, without talking first to someone who has already been through the most interesting journey: that of an idea or dream to product.’’


“I am a university graduate lecturer who is engaged in proofreading all types of texts.’’

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